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Monday, July 7, 2014

Update: Edmond J. Spence revisited

Last week I received this very kind and informative correspondence from the grandson of Edmond J. Spence:

Hello Dana,
Congratulations on your site Mid2Mod. I enjoy your wide reaching information and good background material as do others which is reflected in their compliments for the work you do on the site. Additionally, the website is very clear both in terms of use and its esthetic.

Thank you for the write up on Ed Spence and including pictures of some of his classic pieces. In the interest of full disclosure though, I would naturally have an affinity for the designs of my grandfather. It is a pleasure to still see a moderate demand them. Possibly because some of his designs were very clean, they stand the test of time and still please the eye.

Perhaps you could help though in correcting an error with respect to the cataloging of his designs and furniture now. At issue is the correct spelling of his name. Most frequently his work is listed as “Edmund” using a “u” instead of an “o”. However, his actual name uses the “o” making it Edmond. This can be seen on many pieces of furniture with the burn mark using “Edmond J Spence Design”. For your clarification I have attached several photos of some of his design work and the signature block from a letter clearly reflecting the use of an “o” versus a “u”.

His name was listed using the “u” in the grant of a patent for a sleeper sofa, wherein the patent attorney misspelled his name on the patent submission forms that was not detected until after the patent was issued and too later to change. I would appreciate any efforts you may undertake to correct this mistake and should you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

Robb Spence
(Robert Edmond Spence)

Mr. Spence was kind enough to provide these images, which should set the record straight. Because he also provided additional images and biographical information about his grandfather, I have been able to expand my original post. I hope you'll take time to give it a read.


  1. Very interesting Dana! How great to receive that informative feedback and to read some very kind words about your blog.

    1. I've received email from so many family members of designers. It's always great to get the "straight scoop" from them.

  2. Very cool that you got connected with Edmond Spence's grandson. Mid2mod is certainly getting networked meaningfully.

    1. It's an honor for me when families of designers reach out, and I'm happy to know that they're preserving their loved ones' memories.