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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

How many days till Christmas?

My grandsons are finally old enough to get excited about holidays, and they're ready to get the decorations up now!

Last year I had a tabletop tree, but they let me know that it simply wouldn't do this year. They also put in their order for "rainbow" lights, and while I've been partial to white lights for the past couple of decades, I loved multi-color lights when I was their age, I found this prelit 6.5' pencil tree that will fit perfectly in the corner of my living room where I usually have a bullet planter.

I've bought quite a few new glass ornaments this year too that we'll all enjoy. Here are some of my favorites.

Multicolor glass icicles

Opalized glass stars

Glass snowflakes

Glass Christmas trees

Faceted glass ornaments

A few more vintage style ornaments will be arriving soon, and then we'll be getting our sparkle on!


  1. It will be gorgeous when it's all put together! Christmas is so fun when they're wee, enjoy!

    1. I had lost my enthusiasm for decorating after my daughter was grown. Now it's back, thanks to the little guys!

  2. How sweet you let them help you decorate, they'll remember that forever! I have been on quite the Shiny Bright hunt/kick and there are a few new ornaments I might try to age to match the vintage ones. I love the stars you selected too!

    1. I think the boys will love how sparkly the tree is going to be. A friend of mine went to sample sale day at Market Hall in Dallas and picked up three boxes of the reflector style vintage repros. I can't wait to use them. I'll be posting about my vintage style ornaments soon. I can't believe I didn't keep any of my grandparents' or parent's ornaments from back in the day.