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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Perfect plantings: Cannas

A plant that was frequently found in the gardens of mid-century homes was the canna, a colorful and hardy perennial. My grandmother always had both red and yellow cannas in her yard. These plants have made a comeback and are popular again today.

We have two varieties in our "mid-century correct" flowerbed, the Rosemond Cole and the dwarf Picasso. In some areas, the tubers have to be dug and stored for the winter. Luckily, in the Southern U. S., cannas usually survive when left in the ground.

Rosemond Cole canna

Picasso canna

When we had a few below-freezing nights a week or so ago, it was time to cut back the plants...which were still blooming into November. I'll look forward to the return of their showy blooms next summer.


  1. Beautiful, Dana! I love planting bulbs and tubers that come back each year. :)

    1. My grandsons and I planted daffodils, tulips and crocus yesterday. It was their first time to plant anything, and they were so excited. I was the one digging the holes and saying, "Remember...pointy end up!"