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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Safari chairs by Douglas Heaslet

When we opened the first Mid2Mod store in early 2011, we had a pair of yellow safari chairs that we couldn't identify. Over two years later, my SIL solved the mystery when he learned they were manufactured by Brown-Saltman.

Then yesterday I received an email from a man who gave me further information about the chairs. He said that it was his father, Douglas Heaslet, who designed the chairs, and he asked to be notified if we ever ran across another pair, since all he has of his father's work are memories.

Thanks to John Heaslet for providing the final piece to the puzzle.

Safari chairs by Douglas Heaslet for Brown-Saltman


  1. That's a great story. I collect and (sometimes) sell inscripted antique books and I've received several emails that a certain book I sold was written by a family member. I try to get as much detail as possible about a book, where I found it, etc. Especially if it's very rare.

    1. I think it's wonderful that family members are refusing to let their loved ones fade into obscurity or be the subject of misinformation. So far I've heard from a dozen or so family members...widows, children, and grandchildren. It's been very gratifying to correspond with them.