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Friday, February 18, 2011

Argument for a smart phone

I've resisted buying a smart phone because I like the low monthly bill for my dumb one. My SIL has been telling me for months that I'm going to have to break down and get one, but I've kept my heels firmly dug in. However, yesterday it became apparent that I'd better bite the bullet and take his advice.

It was "Toby Day," which for you uninitiated means my bi-monthly trip to a town 150 miles away to get my hair cut and colored by the One True Hair Wizard.  In an effort to justify the five-hour round trip to Abilene and back, I decided I'd stop by a couple of thrift shops and antique malls on the way home to see if I could pick up anything for the store.

I found a Bauer speckleware lazy susan in near-perfect condition, and as luck would have it, everything in the seller's booth was half price. Still, to be safe, I called my SIL so he could check prices before I bought it. No answer...and me with my not-so-bright phone and no Internet. Fine, I thought. I'd just make a decision the old fashioned way.

Several months ago, I was looking for a lazy susan for myself, and the prices were sky high on eBay, so I thought it would be safe to buy this one. Then I realized I had left my reseller's tax number at home, so I had to pay sales tax, which kicked the price up a little more. Still, I was sure we'd make money on the deal.

When I got home, I looked it up on eBay. Oooops...the price for lazy susans seems to have hit rock bottom. I looked at Worthpoint, which confirmed what my sinking feeling was already telling me...that I paid way too much for the thing and will probably have to sell it at a break-even price.

And if I'd had a smart phone, I could have looked it up and avoided a dumb mistake.

Say hello to the new Bauer lazy susan that I may have to addition
to the crow I'm already having to eat now, admitting that my SIL was right
about the phone and I was wrong.
I still think it's pretty...even if it's not worth as much as I thought.


  1. The lazy Susan is beautiful though. I highly recommend the smart phone. They come in handy at auctions, thrifts, and yard sales. I just got a new one on Monday. So I can finally comment on blogs. I think every once in while., we all make mistakes and over pay. I hate that feeling . Good luck with your store. It sounds awesome. I wish I had a store offering mid century items . The closet is Atlanta.

  2. I think the Lazy Susan is gorgeous and ya know, prices rise and fall and somewhere there may be somebody you HAS TO HAVE that very one.
    Also have a dumb phone and what I guess is the equiv of a C-student phone - so I understand not wanting one but knowing it might be a good idea.

  3. Well hey, we have all spent more on something than it was worth at one time or another, so I wouldn't feel bad about that.

    I resist getting iPhones and iPads because I have enough trouble learning new technology ... In fact, I don't really know how to use the cell phone I bought 6 months ago, that's how far behind I am on that subject (but I know programs like photoshop and am learning iMovie and GarageBand, an audio program... The things I NEED to learn).

    I imagine it would be good for your business to be able to look things up on the web, or shoot someone a photo as you stood in a thrift shop or estate sale. So for that reason, I would invest in one as a business tool.

    That's how I justify spending more on my computer than any single mid-century item in my whole house (and it's how I make my living too, so I can afford to buy my vintage rewards lol).

  4. I still think its gorgeous! And prices might change again once your store is open. Or you might find a buyer willing to pay a bit more than ebay to buy something in person. I also have a "dumb" phone (love that expressions!) and resist the lovely convenience of a smart phone. You might be well served by one though, as a businesswoman. And it would be a business expense, no?

  5. I've had the blackberry, and now an iPhone. They really come in handy not only to check on things that may/may not be desirable but with maps, directions, photos (I'm always sending photos to P-I-C saying "i found this should i buy it?".

    Then there's the convieniance of texting and email at your fingertips. Sometimes if I'm in an area I don't know very well I check the map to see if there are local thrifts, which is how I found 2 of my current favorites. :)

    Before smart phones, when I dealt in vintage clothing, I would carry paper cheat sheet of designer names especially the obscure ones just incase I found something of interest. Once I got the blackberry I transfered that whole list into a file on the phone which made me... look less nuts in a shop!

    But! You're not giving that lazy susan enough credit! There's going to be one girl with a pink and black kitchen theme who will NEED THAT and I think you'll recoup your price and then some. It's a very nice style and color scheme, I can't see it sitting around very long!

  6. @Leah: Hey, I'm glad you got your phone so you could start commenting! We had to quit meeting on FB...:) (assuming you ARE the Leah from FB.)

  7. @DearHelenHartman: I LOVE the "C-student phone" thing! And, to be fair to my phone, I guess that's what it is too. I supposed I have to take part of the blame for that, because I'm keeping it from reaching its full potential. It has limited Internet capabilities, but I quit using that feature, because it was so lame compared to the smart phones.

  8. @1950sarh: I normally catch on to new technology quickly. But touch screens? Get outta here! I can find a million ways to touch the wrong place at the wrong time, but I know I'd love one as soon as I got used to it, especially the ability to enlarge text so quickly and easily. My main objection has always been the monthly cost.

  9. @Tanya: I agree that it's a pretty piece, and you're right that prices do fluctuate, so sooner or later, it will sell. I've been working on the business expense angle for a smart phone, and I may be able to justify it that way.

  10. @stacey: My SIL has a Droid, and he loves it. We're also thinking about getting an IPad for the store, and we just got the coolest thing called Square that allow you to swipe credit cards on your smart phone...another reason I need one.

    You're probably right that someone will come in and fall in love with the pink and black. If not, like 1950sarh said, we all pay to much for things from time to time. I've had my share of good buys lately, so it all evens out in the end.

  11. Don't buy something for resale it because you love it.

    I got a lovely lazy suzan California pottery set last weekend for $30. Two orange plates, two golden plates and a golden bowl in the middle. It's swell!

  12. @Barbara: Oh, I never worry about resale value when I'm buying for myself. But when I'm buying specifically for the store and it's not a color scheme that would fit my house, profit kinda has to be a consideration...especially since I'm spending my son-in-law's money. He's funny that way...LOL

  13. I have been resisting the smartphone for a while too. I have an iPod touch which is great for home and work. (Except when I accidentally erase people's comments!) But I would like something I can check on the go at thrift stores and estate sales. Now that Verizon has the iPhone, I am just waiting until the next model is out.

    Now that you have a business you can write off the phone purchase and part of the bill on your 2011 taxes. Same with the iPad.

  14. @monogirl: At this point, the business is a sole proprietorship in my SIL's name, although my daughter and I will eventually be listed as partners when we have papers drawn up. Since he's the one who'd get the write-off, he's agreed to put me on his plan and let me share the bill, which would result in savings for both of us. I guess he felt he owed me one for publicly admitting he was right...:)

  15. If a smart phone will make me smarter...I want one :) I'm going to have to bite the bullet sometime soon too. I'm somewhat computer savvy but will need a tutor for a new phone. I remember reading a quote in the past that said "a collectible is only worth what someone is willing to pay". I feel confident your lazy susan will sell for a profit in the store. There will be "that one buyer" who has been looking for it, he / she will walk through your door and gasp when he / she sees it. Then, you can smile all the way to the bank.

  16. @Krazy4Mod: I hear ya! I never use half the features on the phone I have, because it's too complicated. I can just imagine me with a smart phone.

  17. I too need to upgrade and get internet on my phone. For me I hate the process- go to the store, browse all the options, talk to a guy about functions, THEN learn how to use the stupid thing.

    Anyhoo, I love your lazy susan! Fantastic colors! But yes, I learned the hard way too that they don't pull any kind of profit for resale.

  18. @Rhan Vintage: We live and learn, don't we? It sure isn't worth losing any sleep over, because it wasn't the first time I've overpaid for something, and it surely won't be the last.