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Friday, February 4, 2011

More Midwinter

Midwinter produced tea sets in so many wonderful patterns that I just had to share some more of them with you. They're my new favorite thing to look for, and I've decided that Jessie Tait and Terence Conran are my two favorite designers for the company, producing patterns in the 1950s that still look fresh and interesting today.

Nature Study by Terence Conran - carmon03

Chequers by Terence Conran - pooleretro1

Cherokee by Jessie Tait

Homeweave by Jessie Tait

Red Domino by Jessie Tait

Zambesi by Jessie Tait

Hollywood by Jessie Tait


  1. uh oh... i think i found another collectible! that cherokee design is amazing!!

  2. i love midwinter so much! it's so hard to just randomly 'find' (your find was a holy grail dana!) because it's so UK-centric. i wish instead of all the stafford i find, it was midwinter! :)

  3. I agree, they look so modern and fresh. I really love the first one, Nature Study. It's so simple and cute.

  4. STOP! I don't have enough money to collect all the treasures you show us!! Man, I need to find a really rich hubby.

    I love the simplicity of Nature Study.

  5. @Bandita: I love the colors in Cherokee. To me, it's such a cheerful pattern.

  6. @stacey: I'm beginning to realize just how lucky we were to find a full set. You're right...I just did a search of nearly 50 pages of Midwinter on eBay, and almost all of it was the Stonehenge stoneware from the 70s and 80s. They had TONS of that, but only an occasional piece of the older stuff from the 50s and 60s. We hit the motherlode!

  7. @Rhan Vintage, Tanya and Barbara: I love the Nature Study too. I think it would be great mixed 'n' matched with Chequers. I also think Hollywood would look amazing with Chequers.