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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Poul Henningsen

Poul Henningsen
Poul Henningsen (1894-1967) was born in Ordrup, Denmark. He was the son of a famous actress and studied at The Technical School in Fredericksburg, Denmark, and at Technical College in Copenhagen. He never completed his education, but he worked as an architect and designed two theaters, several homes, a factory and part of Tivoli Gardens. He also had a career as a writer. working for several newspapers and magazines.

Henningsen is best known as an expert on lighting and as a designer of lamps and lighting fixtures. He designed his first multi-shade lamp in 1924, winning the light fitting award at the Paris World Exhibition. His design, which later became known at the PH light, is also sometimes known as the Paris lamp.

His association with Louis Poulsen Lighting began in 1925 and continued until his death. His work concerning the relations between light structures, shadows, glare, and color reproduction and man’s need for light remain the foundation of the lighting theories still practiced by Louis Poulsen Lighting today.


Artichoke lamp
PH 3/2 Academy
LP Centrum, with Kurt Norregaard
PH 3/2 wall light
PH 5-4.5, with Ebbe Christensen and Sophus Frandsen
PH 4/3 table lamp


  1. Aren't his designs just fabulous? I would be KrazyHappy with any one of the above. BTW - I like the gray in your new header.

  2. Ahhh, lamps I see on eBay but will never be able to afford ha ha.

    Arteluce are another brand I like but will never own.

  3. @Krazy4Mod: Yes, I would die a happy woman if I had a PH 5-4.5 in my house...:) Glad you like the lighter gray. I decided that the really dark charcoal with the orange was too much like Halloween.

  4. @1950sarh: Most of us are like kids in a candy store when it comes to lamps, aren't we? I think I'd always want "just one more," and like you, some of the ones I want most are totally out of my budget.

  5. Lamps come in so many wonderful shapes and styles. They are both decorative and functional. And everyone looks at your light sources, so they display well.

    Besides they are just so darn cool!

    I'd love it if you could dig up more info on Majestic lamps. I tried to do a post about them last year, but it seems there is so little info online about them. Strange as they are among the most popular!