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Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Someone recently posted about this safari chair...though it may have been in black. Do you remember whose post it was...or anything about the designer?

Update - July 7, 2013: Sometimes the process is slow, but pieces can usually be identified. The mystery is finally solved about the pair of chairs like this one that we had in the store. See this post.


  1. Was it Mid Century Madame? I *think* so...

  2. saw them in an antique show sometime back...Kaare klint or something similar was mentioned. i dont remember who posted it though

  3. Yes, the Kaare Klint and Arne Norell safari chairs are really similar...but their arm straps fasten on the front, rather than roll under. Also, how they fasten underneath the chair is different.

    I just know I've seen these exact chairs on a blog recently, so I may have to scroll through every single one I follow. :/


    Oops, I don't think this is what you were talking about?? I thought it might be...

  5. I can only find one picture of a similar chair on the entire Internet...and it was taken from an eBay listing that ended sometime in 2010. I'm hitting a wall.

  6. @1950sarh: You tried! I really appreciate your going back and looking through old posts for me. I don't know why identifying these chairs is so hard. Grrrrr...