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Friday, March 18, 2011

Teak and walnut galore...and so much more

My daughter, SIL and grandsons have finished their move into the loft behind the store. We have a few more smalls to put out and a few more price tags to put on, and we'll be ready to open tomorrow. The next post you see will be of the finished area!

In the meantime, here are some close-up shots we took for the website, which we'll start working on in earnest now that the store is stocked and ready.

Fleetwood stereo

Dining set

Nathan china cabinet

Room divider

Brown Saltman safari chairs

Mid-century gentleman's chair

Brutalist style armoire

Sectional sofa

Thonet asymmetrical stool

Sled-leg desk


  1. You know how when people get stressed they close their eyes and go to their 'happy place'? I want you to supply the furniture for mine. It makes me feel so happy to just see the great finds!

  2. I really like that striped gentleman's chair! and that sweet looking sled-leg desk! that is so awesome looking! :D

  3. Sled-leg desk...swoon!

  4. Man, that Nathan hutch is really something. A place for everything!!

    Good luck!!

  5. How exciting!! Good luck! Can't wait to hear more. Your inventory is fantastic.

  6. Wow, that Nathan Hartman china cabinet is intense. Happy Opening!

  7. You. have. impeccable. taste. Your shop is going to be amazing!

  8. OH MY! If only I had a big truck and lived 100 instead of 1000 miles away, I would be the first in line on opening day. You have some totally fantastic items. I'm wishing you all Big Buckets of Luck on opening day...and all days that follow.

  9. i can't wait to visit your store! I think I saw the sled-leg desk at the auction on thursday!

  10. @Retro Keith: I forgot all about the auction and got there for the last 30 minutes, so I went away empty-handed. We've had this desk in our inventory for a while, but we do have some beautiful G Plan, Nathan and Remploy teak pieces in the store. The store will be open on weekends at first. We look forward to meeting you!