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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Mid-century landscaping: groundcover

Suggested groundcover for a mid-century home covers a broad range of plantings and materials. While my front yard is covered with a thick carpet of St. Augustine grass that's probably been here for decades, it's not uncommon to see mid-century homes with no grass at all.

Moss and other groundcover plants, river rocks, beach pebbles, pea gravel, decomposed granite and colored mulch are all common elements of MCM landscaping. Also, hardscaping can take up much of a mid-century yard. Here are some suggestions made by landscapers:

irish moss
Irish moss
Landscaping with Irish moss and stone
Baby Tear
Hens and chicks, Irish moss and Baby Tears
Landscaping with a low groundcover
mondo grass
Black mondo grass and pea gravel
Concrete and dwarf mondo grass
mexican pebbles
Mexican pebbles
Rock garden using boulders, Mexican pebbles, pea gravel and Irish moss
River rock garden
red mulch
Red mulch
Landscaping with mulch


  1. I tried and tried to get Irish moss to grow in my yard, but it never would. Sigh.

  2. @1950sarh: I find it interesting...and frustrating...that soil types and conditions can vary so much, even within a city. In some parts of Fort Worth, the soil is red clay. In others, it's sandy. Still other parts have a rich, dark soil called "gumbo" or thin soil that's full of limestone rock. You'd think, if a plant is recommended for your area, that it would do well in any yard, but I guess part of gardening will always be trial and error.

  3. Growing up my parents always used mulch.

  4. I love these landscaping posts you're doing. It's so helpful because our yard (front and back) needs work and I'm at a loss of what to do. Thanks! You've inspired me.

  5. I'm hoping to rock in my planter beds this summer. I love black mondo grass, but it's soooo expensive!

  6. Love this post. I'm allergic to most grasses so I really admire landscaping without it. The yard of my dream home would have lots of rocks, mulch and leafy ground cover.

  7. Thank you so much for such a helpful post! I'm taking notes. :)