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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Fifty years from now: Cameron Foggo

Cameron Foggo
Cameron Foggo is a designer from New Zealand whose work is sure to be collectible fifty years from now. He confesses to being a little obsessed with anything visual and claims to be extremely analytical. He says he hopes "elegant, sophisticated and timeless" are words that embody his work.

He grew up watching his father create furniture and eventually joined the family business. He considers the years he worked with his father an apprenticeship of sorts. He eventually created his own designs, which were commercially successful.

He primarily uses wood, black steel and leather in his design, but he also uses iron, marble, glass and Perspex (a brand of acrylic) where appropriate. He doesn't like his upholstered pieces to be too hard-edged or clinical-looking, and he likes for most of his wood pieces to be sculptural.

He looks forward to building the Nonn brand, expanding the current collection and getting involved in additional commercial design projects. He has several architects and designers with whom he plans to make his mark.


Liaison sofa
Rodd table
Rodd  table
Starling chair
Tommy dining table
Wrench dining table
Soul dining table


  1. Alas, poor one seems to share my enthusiasm for your work. Not even my readers in New Zealand. Still, I love your Rodd tables, especially the first one. :)

  2. Replies
    1. Great! I was afraid no one was out there! ;)

  3. Those houses are amazing. We got lost this weekend taking a short cut and found a spot in Louisville with one after another of mid century ranches and I wanted to sell out house and move instantly.