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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Nelson cigar and Danish style lamps

I have a real soft spot for lamps, and we have several in the store that are making my heart pitter patter a bit.

Over the past few days, we've picked up a George Nelson cigar lamp and a trio of Danish style lights in walnut and milk glass. They're all stunners, and I'd be happy to have any (or all) of them in my home.

Danish style milk glass and walnut pendant

Danish style two-lamp fixture in milkglass and walnut

Triple Danish style lamp in milkglass and walnut

George Nelson cigar lamp


  1. Oh me too Dana! You must be a strong woman to be able to resist the charms of all the lovely things your s.i.l. sells in his shop.

    p.s. I totally love your childhood names for fluffies. Cracked me up x

    1. I don't always resist. I'm always plotting ways to bring some of it home. :)

  2. Replies
    1. I love them all, but I'm really pining for the triple one.

  3. Crikey - I'd be happy to have any/all in my home too! I have a real thing for triple pendant lamps. The cigar lamp is hot to trot too.x

  4. I love them all....the middle Danish lamp reminds me of one my Grandma D. had and treasured.

  5. These are all soooo gorgeous!! I'm a huge lamp lover myself, so I really admire your ability to resist taking them all home:-)

  6. I like that triple with the white glass a lot. I want to buy something like that and break it up to be the lights over a kitchen bar. Is that a bad idea? To break it up?

  7. I really love that first lamp. Anything space ship / saucer gets me!