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Sunday, August 18, 2013

In the store: The bird is the word

During the move, we didn't time to take pictures of new items in the store. After we got in, it took a few days to set up a photo booth, so we're playing catch-up these days. We hope you'll bear with us.

Well worth waiting for is this beautifully restored early Bird chair and ottoman by Harry Bertoia for Knoll. Very comfy!

Fully restored Bird chair by Harry Bertoia for Knoll

Such a cool profile

Front view of chair

Back view of chair


  1. I am dying to come to the store when I'm up your way. These chairs are works of art.

    1. I admire Bertoia's imagination and creativity. I think the Bird chair is playful, as well as seriously beautiful, and I'd give anything if I could afford one of his table tonals! We'd love to have you stop by the store. Let me know the next time you head our way. Joe's at the store Tuesday-Saturday, and I can usually drive over to meet up any day.

  2. The bird chair is exquisite and quite unique.

    1. I agree that it's unique. Bertoia's designs were so fresh and exciting. After all these years, they still have those same qualities.