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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Part 2: Herman Miller WHY

This is my second post sharing with you the Herman Miller WHY series.

Above Ground with Leon Ransmeier

In the segment entitled Above Ground Level with Leon Ransmeier, designer Ransmeier and photographer Geordie Wood explore the thinking behind the new AGL Table Group, as well as table design in general.

Leon Ransmeier in his Financial District studio

About table design, Ransmeier observes that the comfort of a table is "specific in relation to our body proportions and the size of the chairs that we sit in. For example, the standard height for a dining table or desk is derived from its relationship to the chair, which is derived from the distance of your knees to the floor when you are in a seated position. So you could say that the height of a table has evolved out of the length of people’s shins."

He also examines Westerners' need for great a need, in fact, that we will improvise to create a seat or a table out of anything near us.

Improvised tables in Chinatown (left) and the Staten Island Ferry (right)

More improvised table from the Staten Island Ferry

Ransmeier notes that even when no flat surface is available, we use our laps or our laptop computers as stand-ins and sit on anything that elevates us off the ground.

Working outside the New York Stock Exchange

Photographer Geordie Wood captures a series of stark but beautiful surfaces in the Financial District.

Unconventional surfaces in the Financial District

You can read the entire piece at the Herman Miller site. And for those of you who want to get a glimpse at the new AGL Table Group, which is so versatile that it can be used for dining, an executive desk or a conference table, take a look at these exciting images.

AGL Table Group

AGL Table Group

AGL Table Group, with pull-out tray and cleverly hidden power strip


  1. What? Herman Miller gets no love? This is a first!

  2. Must be summer. What is wrong with us? I have been traveling a bit. Hope to post more tonight. :) And, I heart HM and have my butt firmly implanted on one at work right now. Time to go home!

    1. I knew there were some HM lovers out there. I've also noticed that not many people have been posting lately. It must be nice weather somewhere. It's been miserably hot here, so staying inside and posting is about all I've felt like doing. We did just get more unseasonable rain that cooled things off, so that may change.