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Monday, October 14, 2013

In the store: Peter Hvidt and Orla Mølgaard-Nielsen

I become infatuated with almost every daybed I see. But this one by Peter Hvidt and Orla Mølgaard-Nielsen inspired more than a garden variety crush. I think this could really be love. 

After all, what's not to love? The piece is in unbelievably gorgeous original condition and has beautiful arms which can be raised or lowered to extend the length of the bed. Yes, I could form a lasting relationship with this one.

Teak daybed by Peter Hvidt and Orla Mølgaard-Nielsen

Alternate front view with arms lowered

Back view with arms raised

Beautiful from any angle, arms up or down


  1. OH...MY....GOD! It's beautiful. I wish I lived closer to you so I could get it. It's just what I've been looking for. Sigh.....

    1. I agree that it's a gorgeous piece. If you want to give Joe a call, he can give you a shipping quote.