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Friday, October 11, 2013

More Modtober treats

Our sale this month is all treat and no trick. We just keep adding eye candy to the list of sale items to sweeten the deal. Here are a few more things we've marked down for the Modtober sale:

Finn Juhl Cresco wall unit
Reg. $8250 - SALE $6187

Peter Hvidt dining chairs
Reg. $4200 - SALE $3150

Tea cart with Salvador Dali tiles
Reg. $750 - SALE $562

Coffee table by Jens Risom
Reg. $2250 - SALE $1687

Dining chairs attributed to Edward Wormley
Reg. $6000 - SALE $4500

Mogens Kold dining table
Reg. $2250 - SALE $1687

High back lounge chairs by Jens Risom
Reg. $1500 - SALE $1125

Danish teak cabinet
Reg. $3800 - SALE $2850


  1. Hope you actually get to see these in person. Envy!

    1. Absolutely. See them, move them around the store, even sit and relax on some of them occasionally. :)

  2. That tea trolley! I love it!
    (Do you really mean tea? you're really thinking cocktails aren't you?!)

    1. The only tea I ever mean is sweet iced tea, Texas given the choice of hot tea or cocktails, sign me up for the cocktails! :) I could picture a huge pitcher of adult beverage on that cart, for sure.

  3. OMG! The buffet!! Stop it. Not sure if I've said it before, but it's probably good I don't live in Dallas.