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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Vintage camper for kids

If you want to put a smile on the faces of those vintage-loving kids in your life, take a look at this.

Land of Nod has come out with a play tent that looks like a vintage camper. This snazzy little number has seven windows, an embroidered license plate, logo and patchwork tires. It also has an awning and curtains that look like the real thing. If you really want to make the camping experience seem realistic, they have a coordinating campfire to go with the trailer.

What a cute idea!

Land of Nod Jetaire play tent with S'more the Merrier campfire

Embroidered logo

Jetaire awning


  1. Replies
    1. After I posted this, I actually found one for adults that looks like a VW bus...haha

  2. Is it weird that I want one for my dog to sleep in?

    1. I think that would be the coolest dog bed/house ever!!!