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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

How designers (and those who publish books about design) live: Angelika Taschen

Angelika Taschen worked with her now ex-husband Benedikt for 23 years at Taschen Publishing, which is known for its books on art, architecture, design and photography. After the couple divorced, she started Angelika Publishers, which specializes in books about interiors and architecture.

Last year, a video interview with Angelika Taschen, filmed by Matthew Donaldson, appeared on the web magazine Nowness. She discussed what she thinks a good interior is, and she agreed to share an intimate look inside her home.

Here are just a few screen shots taken from Donaldson's film. The link above will allow you to see the entire interview and see her lovely residence and appreciate the ambiance of her apartment, as well as the flow from room to room. I encourage you to take a look. It's one of the most interesting film tours I've seen.



  1. Speaking of Taschen, Barnes and Noble has a new book on the complete works of Richard Neutra, it has a cover that looks like wood.

  2. Tried to watch it Dana, but my computer is slower than a wet week at the moment. Will have to try again another time.
    (Oh for rooms big enough to hang chandeliers like those!)

    1. When you can watch it, I think you'll really like it...lots of neutral colors, both light and dark, with just enough color here and there to keep it from being somber.

  3. Thanks for this, interesting house tour indeed. I appreciate her elegant minimalism.