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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Yngve Ekström

Yngve Ekström (1913-1988) was a Swedish artist and designer. His early training was in drawing, painting, sculpture and music, and it was only later became interested in home furnishings.

With his brother Jerker, he started Swedese Furniture in 1945. He was the principle designer for Swedese. He also designed for a number of other furniture companies and licensed some of his pieces in Germany and Australia.

His first exhibition was arranged by Lena Larsson in 1953. Over the years, his work has been shown in museums in Jönköping, Stockholm, Gothenburg, Amsterdam, London, Munich, Vienna, and Belgrade.

In the 1960s he designed a popular line of furniture made of Swedish pine. That same year, he and his brother started a lighting factory, and in the 1970s they launched a line of acrylic and wood fixtures.


Lamino lounge chair and ottoman

3-seater sofa

Sibbo chairs


Leaf side table

Boomerang chair

Caryngo chair with Carl Malmsten

Arka chairs

Swedese marking


  1. I love the lines on that leaf side table!

    1. I fell in love with that little table the minute I saw it. I also am pretty smitten with the daybed. Is that a built-in side table or a place to store a pillow?

    2. I took it to be a built-in side table. I hadn't thought about a place to store a pillow although that makes perfect sense. :)

  2. That sofa with the built-in end table is spectacular.

    1. It think it's fabulous too. I'd love to have one like it.

  3. The Sibbo chair looks similar to a Paul McCobb chair for Winchendon.

    1. Inverted Planner chairs...with the flare of the spindles down instead of up?

  4. Saw one at TeeGeeBee mid-century on Facebook.