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Friday, September 5, 2014

Modern Norwegian cottage

I recently saw photos of a modern cottage on the island of Vega in Norway. The image of the stark structure and its rugged, rocky surroundings made quite an impression on me.

The house is a split-level structure that sits right on the coastline near a group of seaside huts. It is made almost entirely of timber and has an open floor plan on the upper level. Architects Erik Kolman Ianouch and Victor Boye Julebak chose to finish the interior with linseed painted pine walls and floors with untreated birch for skirting and frames.

The home is designed to develop a natural patina and withstand the coastal conditions.

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  1. I would move there in a heartbeat! what an amazing landscape, and the architecture compliments it perfectly. wow.

    1. I agree that it's a perfect match for the landscape.

  2. Me too Dana! (what Ray said)
    I have been torturing myself with this week by watching the first 4 series of the Australian version of Grand Designs (scored the boxed set at the local library) Still in the process - there are heaps of gorgeous homes to 'whip myself' with. Our own is looking shabbier and shabbier with each new disc I shove in the dvd player :(

    1. It's easy to start thinking the "grass is greener," for sure. There are some beautiful homes out there!