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Friday, September 26, 2014

Same song, second verse

Some things never change.

My SIL, daughter and I started Mid2Mod as an antique mall booth in early 2010 but decided after about six months that the mall scene wasn't for us. We figured that meant giving up being vintage furniture sellers too, so we spent two grueling days selling off all our inventory in a garage sale. We hadn't even finished counting the money from the sale when my SIL turned to us and said, "Tell the truth. Don't you miss it already?"

Within a few weeks, my SIL had quit his job, leased our first storefront, and we were open for business. The store grew...and then it grew some more.

With the move to the Design District, we began to sell almost exclusively to designers and other dealers, and while that allowed for high-end sales, Mid2Mod had grown into a business, rather than an adventure. Selling to people who were excited about finding the perfect pieces for their own homes had been a lot more fun.

For a year or so, my SIL had been kicking around an idea for a different type of store...a modern lifestyle store, rather than a furniture store. He envisioned offering modern housewares, accessories, clothing, and books, in addition to vintage modern and new modern furnishings.

However, that would entail moving the store back to an area with more foot traffic, so it seemed easier for him to devote his time and energy to buying vintage modern furniture and selling by appointment instead of having a traditional store. Relaxed pace, nice trips, no set schedule...sounds good, right?

You'd think so, but after closing the store, it only took one big picking trip to Colorado and a return truckload of great pieces before he called me on the phone and said, "OK, maybe I'm crazy...but tell the truth. Don't you miss it already?" And, just like the last time, I admitted that I did.

Having a brick and mortar store can be addicting, and sometimes you simply can’t get it out of your system. This time, though, we think we've come up with the perfect solution…a store that my SIL will operate on Wednesday through Friday, giving him ample time for long distance buying employee to run the store on Saturdays and Sundays, allowing more family time...and sales by appointment the rest of the week.

We’re excited to announce our plans to open Mid2Mod: A Modern Boutique in the next few weeks. We’ll be back in Deep Ellum, just a few doors down from our previous location there. The space has been leased, and we’re in the process of painting walls, installing fixtures, selecting vintage modern pieces to showcase, and choosing the perfect vendors for a great variety of modern products.

Hot damn, we're having fun again!

Back to historic Deep Ellum

Future home of Mid2Mod


  1. Exciting change, I look forward to your updates. Your story kinda reminds me of a line from an Indian film I watched recently- "Sometimes, the 'wrong train' will get you to the right station." All best!

    1. Thanks, Ton! I think we very often have to try something to find out it's not for us. Until we do it, there's always a nagging little thought in the back of our heads. We've tried it all now, from antique mall to high end, and we've found out that our "happy place" is somewhere in the middle...and there's a lot to be said about doing a job that makes you happy.

  2. Looks like a move into a really neat lookiing place. Mid2Mod, it's habit forming isn't it?

    1. It's a great area with a rich history and a bright future. My SIL said the other day that he might as well resign himself to the fact that retail is in his blood. He loves picking and talking to customers. I love the merchandising end of the business.

  3. How exciting! Good luck with the venture. If only you were down the street, I'd visit the store (by appointment) all the time! xx

    1. Thanks so much, Anita. We're very excited about the new store. My SIL is there painting as we speak.