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Friday, September 19, 2014

Ready Made Curtains

Yesterday I posted about the extraordinary designs of the Bouroullec brothers. As much as I like their furniture, I'm absolutely enamored of their Ready Made Curtain kits. Modern curtain rods are difficult to find, and these are not only modern but unique as well.

The kits come with 2 rectangular wooden hanging mechanisms, 9 peg-style clips, just under 200 inches (500 cm) of cord, and a 118" x 55" (300 cm x 140 cm) curtain in your choice of two non-fraying fabrics by Kvadrat that you can cut to size and hang without hemming. Both fabrics come in warm white, red, pale blue, and dark blue. Extension kits containing the same sized curtain, 1 wooden center support and an additional 9 pegs are available.

You simply attach the hanging mechanisms to your wall, attach the cord and adjust the tension by turning the handle on the rectangular hanging mechanism. Once the clips are attached to the curtains, they hook over the cord.

I think this is such a clever alternative to traditional looking curtain rods, and being able to have instant window treatments without pulling out the sewing machine is a real plus.

And look...there's the elegant L'Oiseau bird peeking out from behind the curtain. That's another Bouroullec design that's been on my Quest List for quite some time.

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  1. Love this Dana - especially the wooden end pieces. Simple, elegant, easy - what more could you want in a curtain?!
    Now to check out prices ;)

    1. I love the end pieces and the clips equally...but Kvadrat seems to have overpriced the kit at approximately 300.00 € ($491). I read an article saying that even the Bouroullec brothers are somewhat concerned about the high price, since their concept was for the kit to be a DIY project that was affordable for most people. Maybe Kvadrat will eventually understand that and lower the price.

    2. Wow, no kidding on the price! I thought this looked like a good solution for adding some softness to the sliders in the bedrooms of my MCM home, staining the end pieces to match the beams, and probably cobbling together some support for the cord. But with two 7.5 ft sliders in each room - ouch!
      Still, it's a lovely and elegant product. Thanks for sharing!

    3. As much as I love this product, the price would keep me from buying it, for sure.