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Friday, January 9, 2015

Festivo finds

I've bought a number of Timo Sarpaneva Festivo candleholders to sell in the store, but until recently, I didn't have any of my own. Right before Christmas, I picked up a 2-ring and a 3-ring to display with glass Christmas trees. I liked the way they looked on my credenza so much that I decided I needed several more.

Yesterday on Ebay, I picked up three more...a 1-ring, another 2-ring, and a 4-ring. I was lucky enough to get all three for less than most stores ask for a single 1-ring, so I was pretty pleased with my bargain, especially since I've read on a couple of retail sites that Iittala has stopped exporting their candleholders to the United States. I guess that means I'll be searching Ebay and Etsy for the larger ones to complete my collection. I'd at least like to get a 5-ring and a 6-ring before they get hard to find.

My bargain Festivo candleholders


  1. I first picked up a set of Festivo wine glasses, then started collected the candlesticks. Love them! The odd shape of the 'ring' -- kind of a football or eye-shaped knuckle in the stem -- and the raised, bark-like texture make Festivo unique.

    But beware of fakes! I've seen items labeled 'Festivo' with completely round rings, stocky columns, incised knicks for texture, and/or yellowish glass. Here are two items that are surely not genuine:

    1. Steve, I agree that there are many people out there listing their clunky imitations as real Festivo. Usually the thick, straight columns are a dead giveaway.