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Monday, January 5, 2015


I came across the website of a company called Spoonflower. You provide them with your own design...or use one of the designs on their site by indie artists from all over the world...and they will print fabric, wallpaper or gift wrap just for you. Some of the artists are even willing to rescale or railroad their designs, if that better suits your needs.

They use an eco-friendly printing process, offer $5 swatches, and don't require a minimum order. Who could ask for more? Here is a small sampling of my favorite designs. Just a word of caution: There are so many designs to choose from that you can spend hours at the Spoonflower site. Trust me...I speak from experience.

Birdland Geometric by vo aka vrginiao

Citrus Chevron by mrshervi

Tiki Tok 1 by jennski

Sea and Spa Beaded Linen Stripe by sparrowsong

Before long, a pattern began to emerge in my choices. It became obvious that I had a favorite artist.

Chili Pestle by scrummy

Burgh Zig Graphic by scrummy

Pistachio Seed by scrummy
New York Lozenge by scrummy

Baby Ikat Spots by scrummy

Beach House Ikat Diamonds by scrummy

Tangerine Triangles by scrummy

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