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Saturday, January 31, 2015

House-selling saga: Being buyer-friendly

In my role as "ambiance manager" while our house is on the market, of course it's my job to keep the main house and my little house neat, clean and perfectly staged, but attention to several other details makes the place even more "showable."

Before potential buyers arrive, I make the rounds and turn on every overhead light and table lamp in both houses and open the blinds at an appealing angle. As soon as I'm finished with the lights, I spritz the rooms, making sure there's only a hint of scent in the air...pleasant without really being noticeable.  My longtime favorite home fragrance is Coriander and Olive Tree by Fruits & Passion. It's been a staple at my house for almost a decade because of its clean, aromatic and slightly woody scent.  On chilly days, I turn on the gas fireplace and make sure a nice blaze welcomes guests as they walk into the living room.

The last thing I do is make sure the Cathrineholm bowl on the kitchen counter is full of an assortment of yummy Lindt chocolate truffles. (That's another reason for taking the boys to their other grandparents' house. Grandson #1 loves the white chocolate ones,  so it's hard to keep his hand out of that bowl when he's here!)

Cucina Coriander and Olive Tree by Fruit & Passion - Cucina

It's going to be cold and rainy today...perfect for a fire.

Going broke on Lindors
This was full to the brim two showings ago!

While we're on the subject, would it be too rude for me to say that I wish potential buyers would make a little more effort to be seller-friendly? I don't prescribe to the notion that "the customer is always right." I went on a mini-rant the other day about all the candy wrappers I've had to pick up from our yard. I also find it strange that people frequently rearrange things on our shelves and tables. I'll come home to find vases and plants moved closer together or farther apart, as if someone has attempted to "correct" a grouping of accessories. I know people want to look in closets and drawers to assess space, but I'm not sure that handling personal belongings falls in the same category. Am I wrong?


  1. High-five Grandson #1! The white choc Lindts are my faves too - actually they're the only ones I eat! (clearly he's a little boy with discerning tastebuds Dana ;) !)

    I'd like to say that I can't believe people ditched their wrappers in your garden - but unfortunately I can. Poor form litter-bugs!

    1. He's a very discerning child...5 going on 35...and he expresses his opinions about things as if he were a professional product reviewer.

      I don't know which offends me most, the discarded wrappers or the insinuation that I don't know how to decorate. :)