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Saturday, November 6, 2010

The delightful agony of craigslist

My friends would tell you I’m about as mentally healthy a person as they know, but I have to confess a secret they haven't guessed.  There’s a tiny masochist in me that comes out and sits on my shoulder and makes me look at all the fantastic mid-century items on craigslist around the country…things that are too far away and too expensive to have shipped to Texas...things that other people can have, but I can't. 

Since misery loves company, I’m going to share these finds with you.  If you’re lucky, I might have uncovered something near you.  If not, you’ll suffer right along with me.  And just to be sure, I’m going to include some items from the Dallas-Fort Worth area that I can get to. 

Read 'em and weep. :)

Broyhill Brasilia bookcase
Seattle craigslist

Eero Saarinen marble tulip table
Nashville craigslist

Paul McCobb Planner Group chairs
Denver craigslist

Mies Brno chairs
Philadelphia craigslist

Edward Wormley Drexel Precedent chest
(This piece is being sold by a dealer
 I've bought from so often that I consider him a friend  now.)
Dallas craiglist

Warren Platner lounge set
(So near, and yet so far...
This set is just a few streets from me in my own neighborhood...
but the seller wants over $15,000 for the set.)
Fort Worth craigslist

 Adrian Pearsall chair
(Still out of reach, unless I put it on layaway...
The asking price is $2500 for this chair.)
Dallas craigslist


  1. Ha ha you are sooooo speaking to the same masochist that sits on MY shoulder!!

    However, I cruise eBay. (There is NOTHING close to mid-century in my area, on CL, and it hurts too bad to look across the country knowing I can't have).

    Twice I actually got mid century goodness, a set of almost new 1950's pink kitchen appliances to replace the tired and worn out ones in my kitchen (mine are also pink), and a set of atomic chairs that I love LOVE!

    So keep shopping, don't forget to check eBay too, and you will be able to find mid-century furniture in your area, at a price you can afford, and it will come to you! =)

    Now, if ONLY I could find the couch I am looking for, all will be well with the world....

  2. Oh, never fear...I'm an inveterate eBayer. My watch list is always several pages long. Right now I'm watching a bunch of ice buckets, some Kromex tidbit servers, and a $2995 set of John Van Koert Contour flatware that I'm sure is magically going to become affordable some night while I sleep.

  3. Mmmm Kromex tidbit trays... I have one, but I need more lol...

    I've given up on ever owning the pricer stuff... No Moss or Continental Art lamps for me boo... =(

  4. Quit posting pics of the Brasilia collection! I die inside everytime I see it and realize I don't have it. :(

  5. I'm truly agonizing over that Platner set in my neighborhood. I want to go see it, but at $15K+, it's so out of my budget, it would just be pouring salt on the wound to look at it. The Pearsall chair would be a stretch, but it's a lot more doable than the Platner, and Lula B's offer of layaway is calling my name.

  6. Funny thing, I sold the Buffet part of a Brasilia china cabinet earlier this summer and have the top left over. I was like, Cool...I'll just screw on some hairpin legs and have a bookshelf! Unfortunately I tried a set of 22" legs and it looks just stupid tall. I have a short set out there in the garage that I am going to put on it...when I get around to it. I'm glad you posted a pic of what it will look like! Now I know that it won't look stupid with the shorter legs too.

  7. I'm going to use the buffet part of a china cabinet as a bar, and I think I'm going to put short hairpins on the top part too. I bet it will sell as a bookcase. Mine may have to be turned upside-down as well, because of some drawers that would be too low. The tracks for those will have to be moved too. By the time I'm done, it will barely resemble its former self.

  8. i know what you mean dont have an SUV and miss out on most of the stuff cos i cant transport them home..argh!...cant tell you how weepy i

  9. My son-in-law just bought a pickup and a 16' trailer for us, so maybe some of our problems are solved. :)

  10. i just picked up a adrian pearsall chair from the trash!!! oh lucky day!!!

  11. I am an interior designer who was bitten by the Danish Modern bug 8 years ago and I'm just as sick as ever. I check CL every day and about 2 times a month I find cool pieces, but I have had to really cut back a bit because I have a garage full of goodies. Now i am only buying wonderful pieces to keep or nice, less expensive furniture to resell. When is this ever going to end????
    One thing is for sure is that now it is harder than ever to grab them since there are more pickers than ever. Can you agree on that?