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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sofa Update: It was only puppy love

I can quit moping around the house feeling lovesick. The sofa was not worthy of my undying affection.

My daughter and SIL went to Austin while I stayed here to take care of the car situation. They just called me to say that none of the sofas looked as good in person as they did in the pictures, even Sofa #1 that I was pining for (which was priced at $699, incidentally). They sent videos, and I could see that the upholstery was pretty dirty on all of them and the wood a lot more dinged than I thought. As it turned out, the cushions had bare piping in places and had been sat on till they were out of shape and wonky. I paid $729 just a few months for the absolutely flawless sofa in my living room, and there's no way I would have paid $699 for anything less than pristine.

I'm a little sad, because I thought I had found a wonderful companion to cuddle with...but it makes me feel a lot better about being stuck here without a car all day. Just goes to show that these online love affairs can be risky, but there are plenty more fish in the sea.


  1. I guess you can't hurry love. Mr. right will come along soon, in perfect condition with a perfect price tag.

  2. hahaha We could probably go on and on for days with these old song titles. And you're right...I'll find the perfect sofa sleeper, which is what I really wanted to begin with.

  3. Hi Dana, those were some pretty pieces. I know how it is. I've been doin' the same thing with Eames Loungers for quite a while now. You are really ready to drop some bank on a sofa, huh! So HOW FAR would you drive for a cool one? Maybe Joplin Mo. (415 miles - 6hrs 40mins)? Really Cool sofas seem to pop up on the StL. C-list about every three or four weeks. I've managed to snatch up a few, but missed most. I can keep a lookout for ya.