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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The turquoise saucer chair

About this time last year, my daughter and son-in-law and I decided to open a booth at an antique mall. We started gathering mid-century treasures, and one of the first things we found was a cute little turquoise saucer chair on a pedestal base.

As soon as we posted it on our web site, a very nice woman named Cherie' King contacted me and jokingly asked if we’d give her a discount on the chair if she sent us a picture of herself as a child in an identical chair. I told her we would…if she’d send us a copy of that picture to use on our site. She and I exchanged several emails, and she sent the picture, but she never came to purchase the chair.

A couple of months ago, after deciding we were tired of paying antique mall rent, we closed the booth, took our favorite pieces to our respective homes and moved the rest of the inventory into my workshop. I had grown to love the turquoise saucer chair and was secretly happy it hadn’t sold, so I put it in my bedroom.

Yesterday, when I posted an ad on craigslist about our upcoming garage/estate/booth clearance sale and included pictures of all the items from the booth that we’re offering, Cherie' emailed me to say she noticed the chair wasn’t for sale anymore…and included a little sad face emoticon.

Awwwww…even though I hadn’t heard from her in months, she was apparently still thinking about the turquoise saucer chair, so I know she’s disappointed, and if I were a nicer person, I’d let her have it, but I’m so attached to the chair now that I can’t let it go. I guess it just goes to show that you have to Carpe the Chair the minute you see one you like, because you never know when a greedy seller like me is going to keep it for herself. :)

In an effort to make Cherie' feel better, I sent her an email saying we’d give her 50% off her entire purchase if she comes to our sale. I hope that helps a little.

Cherie' King in her family's turquoise saucer chair

The Mid2Mod turquoise saucer chair at home in my bedroom

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