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Monday, April 11, 2011

Will the real Poul Jensen please stand up?

My SIL is negotiating for a Z Chair by Poul Jensen for Selig, and while doing research about that design, I found pictures of another arm chair attributed to Jensen that is like one we have. I also found some side tables attributed to him.

Interestingly, though, I could not find one scrap of information about the designer himself. Instead, I found several discussions online questioning his existence. Could it be that Selig invented a Danish designer name for their chairs, much like the "C. Jere'" name created by Kurt (aka Curtis) Freiler and Jerry Fels for Artisan House?

Research addict that I am, I won't rest easy till I find out.

Our arm chair, marked only "Made in Denmark" but likely a Selig
Arm chair for our chair
Z Chair for Selig
Triangular caned occasional table
Square caned occasional table


  1. If anyone can figure it out, you can Dana!

  2. @monogirl: Some people would call that obsessive...LOL

  3. There's nothing wrong with a little obsession. That's one of the main things that gives me drive. I drool every time I see a Z chair.

  4. The Z chair takes my breath away!

  5. so cool...waiting to see you figure it out!! i m on the look out too..will tell you if i boil down to something nice to share :)

  6. Just in case no one else has pointed you in this direction

    Proof positive. I also have scans of other period catalog pages with the Poul Jensen attribution in my research archive.

  7. Love your place here! I just found one of the triangular caned occasional tables in AZ...someone "refinished" the top a bit, but it is still quite beautiful...thanks for identifying it! Where's the best place to sell such a table?

  8. @JSAZ: Welcome to my blog. I always enjoy hearing from new readers and hope you'll become a regular.

    Send me a photo of it to and let me know what you want for it. I'll see if my son-in-law might be interested in it, if you'd be willing to ship it.

  9. I have that exact chair...the first one marked made in Denmark. I threw the cushions away because they were rotten. I found it at a garage sale for a dollar. My husband says its trash. Is it a valuable chair? Should I get it repaired or would someone buy it without cushions? I do not know anything about these chairs I was just buying it because I liked it but my husband keeps telling me to stop buying other peoples trash.