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Sunday, January 8, 2012

In the store: Post-holiday picking

Everything slowed down considerably the week between Christmas and New Year's, but we hit 2012 running last week with a spate of sales that necessitated an out-of-state picking trip.  We came home with a set of Eero Saarinen chairs that have gone to the upholstery shop, a set of chairs that look like the offspring of a high-backed Adrian Pearsall chair and a piece from the Paul Evans Cityscape group and a sofa (not photographed yet). In addition to those finds, a huge C. Jeré  Brooklyn Bridge that we won at auction came in, and locally we found a Fleetwood stereo, a Danish wardrobe and another sofa (also not photographed yet).

C. Jeré  Brooklyn Bridge
Chrome and velvet chairs that look a little Pearsall/Evansish
Danish wardrobe
Fleetwood stereo


  1. @LeAnn: Stereos are a huge seller at the store. People are buying them for their vinyl collections, but they're also dropping MP3 players into them.

  2. The Fleetwood stereo reminds me of the one my grandma had until only recently. Even in my teens I expressed my interest in it however as I live in another country, it never became mine.
    When I knew it, only the radio worked but it was still coveted by me.

  3. Wow, cool stuff. I love the stereo cabinet - gorgeous!

  4. @MoonDoggie: I sometimes think of all the things my grandparents had that disappeared over time, I get a little sad. Oh, what I'd give for some of those things now, so I understand how you feel about your grandmother's stereo.

  5. @Rhan: Thanks! All the stereos we've sold up till now have been in great working order. This one needs new components...or it needs to be repurposed as a bar. The cabinet is too pretty to go to a landfill.