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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Paolo Buffa

Paolo Buffa
Paolo Buffa (1903-1970) was the son of Italian painter Giovanni Buffa. After graduating from the Politecnico in Milan in 1927, he went to work in the studio of Gio Ponti. In 1928 he opened his own studio with architect A. Cassi Rimelli, and they designed numerous homes and villas. He was also a significant contributor to the design and architecture magazine Domus.

He was a prolific architect, but his real passion was designing furniture. His works range from the traditional and ornate to the futuristic, but they are all of exceptional quality and refinement. His clients were generally quite wealthy and wanted their homes furnished with elegantly modern, functional pieces.

In 1945 he began a collaboration with Ico Parisi that lasted a decade, during which time they designed simple, bare interiors. In 1947 Buffa was invited, along with several other well known Italian designers, to participate in the exhibition The Modern Style of Furnishing, which celebrated the rebirth of inventiveness and elegance in Italian design. The exhibition was repeated in 1948 in Paris, where it was very well received.

Some of Buffa's notable projects were the Royal Palace of the King of Albania in 1940, the Quirinale Hotel in Rome in 1951, the furnishing of the royal yacht of King Farouk of Egypt in 1952 and the furnishing of the cruise liner Leonardo Da Vinci in the 1950s.

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Bar cabinet with inlaid brass stars
Rosewood side table
Lounge chair for the Hotel Bristol in Merano, Italy
Console table
Dining chairs

Glass-topped bar cabinet
Close-up of glass-topped bar, open


  1. The console and the bar are amazing works of art. I looked at your store in Dallas and I realized that I just walked by it while I was in Dallas in November. I went to the Exposition Center and being from New York I could not believe there was not a single soul in the center except for myself and my family. I loved the neighborhood where your store is located, it was super mod. I was also really impressed with all the large sculpture Dallas displays throughout the city. I didn't expect there to be so much art. You live in a very nice city.

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed the art in Dallas. I think it surprises many people that there is so much modern art to enjoy in Texas! :)

      We're moving to another location in the next week or two that will have a lot more foot traffic and is a lot more mod/artsy than our current neighborhood. Here's a post about it.