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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

You look so familiar: Part 4 - Shells

The wrap-around back, the concave seat...whether they're made of molded plywood, metal or upholstered with wood or metal frames, these chairs all seem to take their cue from the Børge Mogensen shell chair designed in 1949 or the Hans Wegner chair designed in 1952. The legs may vary widely, and there may or may not be arms, but the contours remain quite similar.

Just as these shell chair evolved from the design of earlier molded plywood chairs, so will some of these shell chairs inspire design elements in other styles.

Børge Mogensen shell chair, 1949
Hans Wegner shell chair - 1952
Ib Kofod-Larsen shell chair - 1950s
Maurizio Tempestini for Salterini - 1950s
Hans Olsen - 1957
Pierre Paulin for Artifort - 1959


  1. I love these curvy seats. As an added benefit they are always comfy too.

  2. Hey Dana. Quick question for you -

    Who made the tripod lamps you have in the bedroom? They come in both floor lamp and table lamp varieties. I was discussing them the other day and have been looking for a set, but can't find anything on them. Thanks!

  3. @Nick: They're not vintage. I bought them about 3 years ago from Lamps Plus, but I just looked at their site, and they don't have them anymore. :(

  4. @Tanya: I agree that they're super comfy, and I love their looks! We sold our pair of Kofod-Larsen chairs with wrought iron frames and upholstered seat. I really hated to see them go!