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Monday, December 23, 2013


While researching for a post, I happened upon a site...tudò & co...that has interesting lighting offerings...some reproductions and some not.  I won't open the can of worms about the ethical implications of buying replicas/knock-offs. I did that in a series entitled Is It Real? that you can read here, here and here. You get to decide where you stand on that issue. Here are a few samples of their wares.

Benjamin Hubert BH1 and BH2 pendants (replicas)
Original:  $500-650
Tudo and Co:  $165

Foscarini Aplomb pendants (replicas)
Original:  $805
Tudo and Co:  $169

Tom Dixon Beat pendants (replicas)
Original:  $535
Tudo and Co:  $68

OCTO pendant lights (replicas)
Original by Secto:  $1892
Tudo and Co:  $$112

Edison filament bulbs


  1. Nice lighting. The first ones remind me of Hershey, PA where even the street light shades are shaped like that (Hershey Kisses).
    I have some original Edison lights. I'm always afraid to light the ones I only have one of just in case the vaccuum seals have leaked.

    1. Interesting about the Hershey street lights. I just Googled them, and thought it was cute that they alternate an "unopened" silver Kiss, complete with tag, with an "opened" brown one. I've only been to Pittsburgh and Cook Forest on the west side of the state, so I'm not familiar with the Hershey area, but I have a friend who lives in Sinking Spring (near Reading). I should visit her someday and make a little road trip to Hershey.

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