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Monday, December 16, 2013

In the store: Vintage zebra

We always seem to have an animal or two or three on the floor, and the latest addition is this fantastic zebra. He measures 28" L x 14" W x 16" T and is quite a magnificent creature. If I had a large hearth, he'd be on it.


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    1. Yes, he does. And he's so heavy that I can't lift him. In order for me to do a little clean-up on him, my SIL had to put him up on a swivel stool in front of me. That's one solid piece of work.

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    1. I'm assuming it's chalkware, although I didn't realize chalkware could be so heavy. I could barely drag it, and there's no way I could lift it straight up onto that stool. Whatever it is, it's not hollow, that's for sure.