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Friday, December 6, 2013

The Homewood

An extraordinary example of early British Modernism, The Homewood was designed by architect Patrick Gwynne when he was only 24.  The home was built in Esher, Surrey, in 1938 for Gwynne's parents, his sister and himself.

The family loved to entertain, and two of the most popular features of the home were the built-in gramophone and the sprung flooring in the living room, which served as a dance floor during their fabulous parties. About the first year in the house, Gwynne said, "We danced like mad."

However, the parties ended when World War II broke out in 1939. Gwynne joined the RAF, his father rejoined the Navy, and his sister became a WREN. Both his parents died before the war ended in 1944.

Gwynne returned in 1945 and lived and worked in The Homewood until his death at age 90 in 2003. He left the property to the National Trust, with the understanding that a family must always live there.

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The Homewood

Garden view

Exterior view

Front door

Living room

Work space in living room

Drop-down serving table in living room

Powder room


Gwynne's bedroom

Outdoor kitchen


  1. WOW! Really incredible. Love that front door handle and the drop down serving table. The little details get me every time. I also enjoy seeing how other people deal with all the glass. These pleated curtains are perfect and I'm sure they provide lots of privacy when needed. Gorgeous home. Thanks for sharing!!!

    On a side note.... how's the weather, Dana? Did the ice and snow cause any power outages for you? I've been watching it on the news and can't believe what the Dallas/Fort Worth area has been getting. Hope you're warm and toasty! Thinking of you.

    1. I'm in love with that drop-down table!!!

      Luckily, we haven't had any power issues, so we're all warm and toasty and enjoying lounging around the fireplace being lazy. :) The boys have loved playing in the snow.

  2. I will need to echo your sentiments and say that drop-down table is drop-dead gorgeous!

    1. Having a cabinet like that would be such a dream come true!

  3. What an extraordinary house! Hard to believe it was built in 1938. It must have seemed even more incredible back then! Thank you for sharing this.

    1. Don't you know it was amazing when it was brand new? And now the National Trust runs ads when it's available for a new tenant. How cool would it be to get to move into that house?