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Sunday, January 2, 2011


Was Cameron's house in the John Hughes classic Ferris Bueller's Day Off one of the Case Study Houses? Some of us were wondering earlier, so I did a little research.

It wasn't, but it definitely looks like it could have been!

The house in question, which is located at 370 Beech Street in Highland Park, Illinois, is one of the most architecturally significant mid-century homes in the Chicago area. The house was built for Ben and Fran Rose in 1953. He died in 2004, and his wife died in 2009. At her death, the house was listed at $2.3 million. It is now available at the bargain basement price of $1,650,000, in case you want to run right out and put your earnest money down.

This 5,300 square-foot contemporary home designed by A. James Speyer sits on .75 acres. The house features four bedrooms, four bathrooms and a giant 40 x 25 living room, but what most movie buffs are fascinated by is the all-glass detached pavilion, cantilevered over a Ferrari-killing ravine, which was designed by David Haid to house Ben and Fran Rose's collection of cars.

You Tube video by Landmark Illinois


  1. do you know if it sold in 2009? i could of sworn i read an article recently with the current owner, who is the son of the owners who OK'ed it for the movie.

    oh if only i could handle chicago winters! :(

  2. @stacey: I don't know if it sold in 2009 or not, but I'm guessing it didn't. I read that the price was lowered at some time to $1.8 million, and the current listing says "Reduced Price," so they must have lowered it again. Inquiries had been made about the possibility of demolition, but I think it's now on the Landmarks Illinois "watch list," so maybe it will be saved.

  3. oh yeah, that's the one. incredible!!

  4. I remember this house went up for sale last year or the year before...I'm curious now as well to find out if it sold.

    Thanks for stopping by Go Retro! I'll add your site to my blogroll...

  5. if that house got demo-ed i would faint and curse humanity!

    in other movie-famous houses, the crazy denver house featured in Woody Allen's "sleeper" was recently purchased after it went into FORCLOSURE. guh. i think it went for an even $1 mil, which is what it sold for in 1983. 'tis a buyers market!

  6. @Pam: Welcome to Mid2Mod! I'd love to be on your blogroll. I plan to stop by your site often.

  7. @stacey: I read more about the house, and I think it's out of danger of being demolished, thank goodness.