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Friday, January 21, 2011

Lucky streak

My grandfather used to say, "I guess I've been livin' right," when he had a run of good fortune. If that's the case, then my daughter, SIL and I must have been downright saintly lately, because the good luck just keeps coming.

Yesterday we were able to pick up two Jens Risom coffee tables in great condition at an unbelievable price. One still had the sticker on the bottom, although some previous owner had swiped Old English or Restore-a-Finish over it. The seller is a well-known mid-century dealer in the area. I'm not sure how long the tables had been in her inventory, but I guess she was ready to move them out and decided to list them low.

The tables are identical to one I gave the kids a couple of years ago. My SIL saw them on Craigslist, so he emailed my daughter and me, saying "Do these look familiar?"  She and I decided to go pick them up, since they love theirs so much. The thing is practically indestructible. My older grandson climbs on theirs, eats his meals on it and pounds it with blocks and toy cars, and there's not a mark on it. My daughter just scrubs it down with a Clorox wipe, and the laminate top is good to go. I'm usually not a big fan of laminate, but these are beautiful, no matter how much wear and tear they get.

Those of you who follow this blog regularly know that I'm a bit of a Jens Risom fanatic, so I was ecstatic to get these tables.

The new Jens Risom tables
From another angle
The table my daughter and SIL already had


  1. Gorgeous! What a pair. Love Jens Risom! Love your grandfather's quote too. I just might use that!

  2. your tastes are so A+ dana! and you know what... there's alot to be said for laminate surfaces when there are sticky little hands around! :)

  3. @Rhan Vintage: Ah, another Risom lover! And feel free to quote my Papa. He'd be honored.

  4. @stacey: Thanks for the nice compliment...and you're so right about the sticky hands. We made a 6-hour round trip to Austin today, and every time we pulled over to feed the boys, my hair and face got touched with banana hands, weiner hands or whatever happened to be on the menu for that stop. But what a precious way to get sticky.

  5. @midcenturymadam: Thanks! We were very pleased.