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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Pssst...They're called Fagas straps.

Ever wonder about those stretchy straps that provide support for Danish modern chairs, love seats and sofas? They're called Fagas straps (not to be confused with webbing, which comes in a roll, doesn't stretch as much, or at all, and attaches differently.) This may not be a term you'll necessarily inject into conversation at your next cocktail party, but if you find a great set of Danish modern chairs with saggy seats the next time you're out thrifting, it may come in handy.

Fagas straps are still made in Denmark and are available in the United States through the Evans Company in San Diego, California. Evans Furniture Company was incorporated in 1945 and was the largest independent Danish modern furniture store in Los Angeles until it closed in 1968. The Evans family continued in the mail-order business, refurbishing Dux and Selig furniture cushions and straps. Their cutter finally retired, so they no longer make covers and cushions. Fagas straps are not being produced by their third Danish manufacturer, but they continue to be made to the original specifications.

The Evans Company provides complete instructions on their site for measuring and replacing Fagas straps and restoring your Danish modern piece to its original beauty and function.

Chair with Fagas straps

A Fagas strap

Roll of webbing


  1. I never thought they would have their own name but I'm for some reason I'm glad I now know this piece of trivia. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. @MoonDoggie: I aim to please, ma'am. :)

  3. Never thought about it but good to know. I just sold a chair that had these straps! Love that Zelig shape!

  4. @Rhan Vintage: I like to store things like this in the recesses of my brain so when I need replacement parts, I know how to Google the right term.

  5. I inherited a chair of similar design that I have refinished, but I need to replace the worn out straps. The straps do not have the type of clips seen on the Evans Fagas Straps site. They were simply clamped between metal plates with teeth. Any idea what the proper replacement would be?

  6. So...... Fag Ass Traps dot com.. got it

  7. ilovemesomefagasstraps