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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

More mid-century masochism

Looking at mid-century listings around the country on Craigslist can hurt so good! Here are the lastest luscious items that technology puts right at my fingertips...but geography keeps completely out of my reach.

The Paul Laszlo cocktail table and the turquoise lamp are absolutely killing me.

All photos from

Bertoia for Knoll chairs - Seattle

Brass light fixture - Seattle 

Cork table lamps - Seattle

Drexel Declaration credenza - Los Angeles

DUX lounge chair - Los Angeles

Finn Juhl armchairs - Chicago

Florence Knoll chair - Philadelphia

George Mulhauser for Plycraft - Los Angeles

Grete Jalk sofa - Seattle

Jens Risom swivel chair - Portland

Milo Baughman dresser & night stands - Los Angeles

Paul Laszlo cocktail table - Los Angeles

Paul McCobb Planner headboard - Portland

Pink refrigerator with turquoise interior - Denver

Turquoise lamp - Indianapolis


  1. Oh, I can't tell you how many times I've looked at that turquoise lamp. To buy it would only take me 2 hours to drive to Indy. "No, no, no" I keep telling myself. Of course I'm sure I could find other goodies to make the trip "worth the gas". Wow...I need to move to Seattle. So much far away. *sigh*

  2. @Krazy4Mod: You have to go get that lamp! I'll feel so much better about not having it if I know a member of our "blogging family" owns it!!!

  3. I do the same thing! It's torture. All of the Los Angeles posts you listed I've seen and drooled over recently. Why oh why do I do it?

  4. @Rhan Vintage: It seems like the Dallas CL has been pretty dry lately, at least compared to some of the cities in today's post...or maybe the grass always looks greener elsewhere. I moved some furniture around, and I'm looking for a new living room chair, and there hasn't been anything worth buying. :(

  5. ::huff:: come none of my stuff is here? My feelings are a little hurt. Not really! I used to do this too. Then I decided to limit my browsing to a 5 hour radius. That way, if I find a ridiculous deal, I'll still be able to talk myself into making the drive. It helps to have a Focus Wagon that can haul a Fridge and get 35 MPG on the highway.

  6. @Mr.Modtomic: Awwwww...we drool over your stuff daily when we read your blog. How much saliva do you want to extract from us??? haha

    I'm with you on the 5 hour rule. I'll drive to Houston, which is 5 hours away. Oklahoma City and Austin are easy 3 hour drives. In fact, we're about to make an OKC run soon. Farther than that, it has to be an unbelievable deal or I have to be picking up several things.

  7. Masochism! I love it. I've emailed sellers from all over to ask if they'd consider shipping. More often than not, they are. I just got a cache of cool paintings shipped from florida. Like your mom always said "It can't hurt to ask!"

    Well except maybe your wallet. :)

  8. @stacey: Usually what I see and want are pieces of furniture, and by the time I pay to have those shipped, it kinda defeats the purpose of finding a great deal...or it makes a not-so-great deal so expensive I can't afford it. :( I occasionally ship small items to CL buyers, but to tell you the truth, I don't want to be bothered with shipping large items. I'm just lazy that way...LOL