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Friday, January 7, 2011

Not all bunkhouses and barbed wire

I have a number of friends who have visited me over the years from other parts of the country, and almost all were surprised that Texas didn't fit the stereotype they had in their heads. Although we have our share of Western charm, we also have some breathtakingly beautiful architecture, including amazing mid-century homes.

I thought I'd treat you to a peek at a few of them  from Douglas Newby's site, which I think you will thoroughly enjoy. A section of his larger Architecturally Significant Homes site is devoted to modern and mid-century homes in the Dallas area, many of which are for sale. You might also enjoy Mid-Century Modern Homes on Facebook for more stunning photos of Texas homes.

All photos courtesy Douglas Newby at

 House #1:  Greenway Parks neighborhood, 1951

Interior of Greenway Parks house above

House #2:  Interior of another home
in the Greenway Parks neighborhood, 1955

House #3:  Highland Park neighborhood, 1963

House #4:  Highland Park neighborhood, 1957

Interior of the Highland Park home above

House #5:  Lakewood neighborhood, 1950s

Interior of Lakewood house above

House #6:  Oak Cliff neighborhood, 1950

House #7:  Preston Hollow neighborhood, 1957

Interior of Preston Hollow house above

House #8:  Preston Hollow neighborhood, 1958

House #9:  Preston Hollow neighborhood, 1954

  Interior of Preston Hollow house above

House #10:  University Park neighborhood, 1966

Interior of University Park house above

House #11:  University Park neighborhood, 1958

Close-up of University Park house entry above

House #12:  O'Neil Ford designed house

Interior of O'Neil Ford house

For more interior and exterior shots of the spectacular O'Neil Ford house and others, including close-ups of some of the beautiful details of these homes, go to Douglas Newby's site and Midcentury Modern Homes on Facebook. I just showed you a handful of the many photos he has on his sites.


  1. Ooooh - I must admit, I wouldn't have expected Texas to have houses like this either (not sure why though). These could all be my dream home.

  2. Absolutely stunning. Thank you for sharing. I love them all but the Lakewood A-frame is right up my alley! Ugh, I'm drooling!

  3. @Moondoggie: I think most people have formed their mental picture of Texas from movies and television, which mainly depict ranch life and cowboy culture. Those things actually exist, but not to the extent one might imagine. Also, Texans have perpetuated that stereotype. My city of Fort Worth is nicknamed "Cowtown" and "Where the West Begins," which is not particularly conducive to an urbane, cosmopolitan image. :)

  4. @Rhan Vintage: The Lakewood house is you take it, and I'll take the Preston Hollow house that was built in 1957. There are plenty to go around. :)

  5. I knew that!! I'll bet those kinds of houses are fairly reasonable in Texas too, not like CALIFORNIA!!

  6. @Barbara: Admittedly, the pictures in this post are of some of the really high end mid-century homes, but you're right that our real estate market never really went through the roof like it did in some parts of the country. The Dallas-Fort Worth area is still comparatively affordable. Tomorrow I'll post some examples of reasonably priced mid-century homes here.

  7. I have to say, these houses are so gorgeous, but the ones that are really breathtaking (for me) are so because of how beautifully they fit with their lush landscaping. They look like tropical retreats!