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Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas wish list: 1stdibs

I've posted wish lists from eBay and Etsy already. I figured, while I'm at it, I might as well up the ante and choose a few things from 1stdibs. After all, if my loved ones are going to have to take out a loan, it might as well be a big one. :) Here are a few things that would jingle my bells.

Isamu Noguchi tripod lamp - $1,600 - Just in Modern

Poul Henningsen light fixture - $2,600 - Gallery L7

Alvar Aalto Paimio chairs - $3,400 - Sputnik Modern

Jens Risom bench - $4,800 - ABC Modern

Richard Stein daybed for Knoll - $5,800 - Collage

Peter Hvidt settee/sofa - $7,200 - Dual

Adrian Pearsall sofa - $8,650 - Las Venus

Hans Wegner Papa Bear chair - $10,800 - Machine Age

Vladimir Kagan sofa - $27,000 - Almond Hartzog


  1. All of these would look great under my Christmas tree with a big bow. Not that I know of anyone that is likely to spring for them :-) We're treating our selves to a four day Christmas trip to NYC and will be drooling at the hoiday windows!

  2. @A Modern Line: My kids are getting a huge laugh out of these posts and are making comments like "Good luck with that" and "Dream on." :)

    A 4-day trip to NYC sounds like a great Christmas treat...and a lot more realistic than my wish lists!