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Monday, December 26, 2011

Making memories: Christmas 2011

My grandsons on Christmas Day...

Sixty years from now, I hope they look back on photos like these with the same fond nostalgia with which I view snapshots of my Christmases in the early 1950s.

Note to self: Don't forget the failed attempt at weaning Gray from the bottle on his first Christmas Day (and all that entailed...ewww) or Holden's first encounter with hot chocolate and marshmallows, which he called "marshmuscles."


  1. What a blessed Grandma you are to have such precious ones in your life. I am hoping soon to be a grandma, daughter has been married 7 years, son getting married in January....I so want to be a grandma:)


  2. @LeAnn: I had to wait till my daughter was 31 before she had Grandson #1, but then Grandson #2 came 15 months later. You may have a houseful in no time!

  3. they are so adorable :*...god bless them

  4. @Sudha: Thank you. They are truly the joy of my life.