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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas wish list: Etsy

Last week I featured Christmas hints from eBay aimed directly at those near and dear to me who are willing to dig deeply into their savings accounts or IRAs, cash in some insurance policies and/or take out loans to be sure I have a very merry Christmas. :)

This week, I'm adding some Etsy finds...just in case they considered my last list too short.

Blenko decanter by Joey Myers - $195 - anothertimeantiques

Russel Wright Eclipse glasses - $275 - pardonmyvintage

Scheurich fat lava floor vase - $425 - christophermodern

Large 10 1/2" Pollo vase by Tapio Wirkkala - $800 - vetiverhome

Jens Risom sofa - $2950 - barkingsandsvintage

Hans Wegner hutch - $3990 - dejavulongbeach


  1. We commend your expensive taste ... but how would Santa fit that Jens Risom sofa in your stocking!

  2. OMG I am in love with those Russel Wright glasses!

  3. @chairsmith: I would gladly get out my sewing machine and make a huge sofa-shaped stocking if I thought Santa would bring that one to me! :)

  4. @SusieQT: Aren't they about the most cheery glasses you've ever seen? Looking at them makes me smile!