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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Christmas wish list: eBay

Tis the season when friends and relatives start making holiday gift lists, so I thought I'd make it simple this year for anyone planning to buy for me. Each week from now till Christmas, I'll post my wish list...and I promise not to scrimp on cost. :)

This week I searched eBay, and I found several things I think would make me pretty jolly. Of course, those near and dear to me may have to take out a couple of loans, but I'm sure they think I'm worth it. Right?

First on my list is a Tapio Wirkkala tea set. The seller has it marked down to only $208.25. Perfect Secret Santa gift, don't you think? - mona_buc

My fondness for glass is well-known, so it should come as no surprise that I'd be thrilled with this Timo Sarpaneva Orkidea vase, especially since it's only priced at $489. - papuccito

I've decided that no house is complete without at least one piece of Adrian Pearsall, and this chair would suit me just perfectly. With bids starting at $550, it's really not too much to hope for, is it? - orionsobjects

Everyone knows my weakness for Oiva Toikka birds, so I thought this Alaskan Loon would make a nice addition to the list. Compared to the Festive Pheasant at $1,600, this $590 beauty is a steal.

Oiva Toikka Alaskan Loon - carelianfox

Then there's this great looking Hans Wegner Ox chair, priced at a mere $9,800.

Hans Wegner Ox chair - colemason

Last, but by no means least, is this newly recovered, buttery leather Hans Wegner Papa Bear chair and ottoman for $11,500.

Hans Wegner Papa Bear chair - skwm

Next week I'll scour Etsy for just the right gifts. I'm sure my friends and family members are already rolling their eyes and saying, "Good luck with that." But a girl can dream.


  1. Hey you just never know what Santa could have in store for you:)

  2. I'm with you on the papa bear! That's my ultimate dream find.

  3. @LeAnn: I can imagine my daughter and son-in-law laughing uncontrollably when they get to the Papa Bear chair...or wondering if I've completely lost my mind...LOL

  4. @Vintage Hunter: Someday our chairs will come (sung in my best Snow White voice)! Much better than a prince, in my opinion. :)

  5. Ebay prices are always pretty shocking. I've found that really the only way to get stuff at a reasonable price is to bid on items that are local pickup only. Otherwise buyers on the coasts/in big cities drive up the prices to crazy levels.

  6. @nick: People in other parts of the country are always telling us how cheap our furniture prices are, compared to what they're used to, but we've decided not to have anything at all to do with shipping. If someone wants something enough to arrange for his own shipper to pick up an item from us, we're fine with that, but we want nothing to do with the hassle of dealing with things damaged in transit. I think some eBay sellers on the coasts have no idea what the market will bear in other parts of the country. Their prices reflect what things are going for in their area...but to us those prices sound unbelievable. Add shipping to what we already feel is high, and it becomes insane.

  7. @I dream lo-tech: The Ox chair is one of the most dramatic pieces of the entire period, in my opinion.