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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Nanny Still

Nanny Still (1926-2009), also known by her married name of Still-McKinney, was a Finnish designer of glass and ceramics. She studied at Finland's Central School of Arts and Crafts, receiving her degree in 1950.

In 1949, before finishing her education, she started to work as a glass designer for Riihimäki, Finland's largest glassworks, and remained there in some capacity until 1976, although she designed some pieces Norrmark, Heinrich Porzellan and Val Saint-Lambert. Starting in 1977, she designed glass and ceramics for Rosenthal Studios and continued to do so for the rest of her career. She also designed for Iittala.

Her work was shown in the 1954, 1957 and 1960 Milan Triennials, and she received the Diplôme d'honneur in 1954 for one of her pieces. She won an A. I . D. International Design award in 1965 for her Flindari decanter. Some of her most famous designs are the Harlequin (Harlekiini) series from 1959, the Saturn (Saturnus) series from 1960 and the Ambra series from the early 1960s.


Flindari bottle

Raillo vases

Pompadour vases

Neptuna bottles

Harlekiini collection

Ambra candlesticks

Grapponia bottle

Glass and wood candleholder

Saturnus candleholders

Stalactite pendant lamp

Mango flatware for Iittala

Nanny Still


  1. Thanks for the info on the different designers. It's always fun to gain some knowledge in all areas MCM...

  2. Forget her design, I want her name. Nanny Still. and her look!

  3. @A Modern Line: I learn something new every time I post about a designer, and I'm glad other people do too. With any luck, it will help us all get some great pieces at estate sales and auctions.

  4. @DearHelenHartman: I posted an additional photo for you of Nanny in her hair heyday! :)

  5. Love her range of glassware and nice to hear about a woman designer for a change, thanks Dana.

  6. @Pippa: I love featuring women designers. You might like to look back at some of my older posts about women like Charlotte Perriand, Florence Knoll, Enid Seeney, Eva Zeisel, Grete Jalk, Lilly Reich, Lucienne Day, Grete Shutte-Lihotzky, Bertha Schaefer, Marianne Brandt and more.

  7. Thanks Dana, I will enjoy reading all those posts, I'm forever wanting to expand my knowledge on all things mid century! Your blog is informative and full of eye candy. My collecting budget doesn't extend to any designers you mention so I may not have a Florance Knoll chair but I have a Parker Knoll instead, she's a wing back arm chair with lovely mustard fabric.
    Love your work, Pippa :)

  8. @Pippa: I can't afford most of the things I post about either, even though my son-in-law is in the business of selling them. He laughingly reminds me that he has a store to make money, not redecorate my house on a regular basis. :)