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Thursday, December 15, 2011

In the store: Case goods galore

I work at the store on Sundays. Last weekend my plan was to enter all the new furniture into inventory, put tags on everything and arrange smalls...most of which had been piled onto a dining table during the recent wall demolition/store expansion. Silly, silly me.

I knew my SIL had brought in lots of new pieces to fill the additional floor space, but I had no idea how many. Here's the final tally:
  • 1 bookcase
  • 1 cabinet
  • 1 hutch
  • 1 room divider
  • 1 sideboard
  • 3 wall units
  • 1 wardrobe
  • 4 credenzas 
  • 8 chairs
  • 2 dining sets
  • 1 fireplace
  • 2 sofas
  • 4 coffee tables
  • 1 sofa table
  • 3 side tables
I was hoping to have time to take pictures Sunday too, but I was so busy tagging items and talking to customers that I never picked up the camera. I barely succeeded in getting the smalls off the dining table and haphazardly tossed around the room. I left my SIL the job of getting all the sheet rock dust off everything. And actually arranging the smalls is still on my to do list. For those of you thinking about opening a store, be advised that it isn't for the faint of heart. It's fun...but it's also hard work!

My SIL was able to get almost all the case goods photographed yesterday and has more pictures to take today. I'll post more tomorrow.

Brown Saltman cabinet

Teak room divider

Teak sideboard

Teak wall unit (1)

Teak wall unit (2)

Wall unit (3)

Teak hutch

Teak wardrobe

Teak bookcase

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