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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Bargain hunters' weekend

For the die-hard bargain hunters out there, my SIL picked up a few items that will be hard to pass up. He's just keeping them in the store till Sunday, and if they aren't sold, they're going to the warehouse...but I'm betting they won't be here by Sunday closing time.

He found a great lounge chair in black leatherette that he's selling for $450. As he says, "Selig??? Overman??? I don't know. Does it matter? Excellent condition top to bottom. Has a good look and feel and chair tilts for added comfort."

He also has four Eames shell chairs with original Eiffel bases. The shells are in varying conditions...painted, small cracks, some stains, and the bases could use new glides and a little spray paint, but if you're a DIYer, these are a good buy at only $50 each. The reproduction bases cost more than twice that! 

Actually, a couple of years ago, I repaired a fiberglass shell that I'd bought for $5 with a $15 Bondo fiberglass repair kit and an emery board, which I found easier to manipulate than sandpaper or a sanding block. Once it was patched and sanded, I painted it with Krylon Fusion paint. It turned out amazingly well, so I know somebody handy could give these chairs a second chance.

Finally, he found a modernist fireplace tool set that he's selling for $150. The chrome handles are in great condition, and it will really look sharp when it's all cleaned up.


  1. Just as I thought...the shell chairs sold before the day was over, and we've had a number of people interested in the lounge chair, even some from out of state. :)

  2. Holy cow, what awesome deals! Sorry I missed out on those shell chairs. I totally would have had my parents drive over from Granbury to pick them up for me. My husband needs some shell chair project pieces!