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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Kay Bojesen

Kay Bojesen
Kay Bojesen (1886-1958) worked as an apprentice to Georg Jensen, training as a silversmith. However, he was far too inquisitive and playful to resign himself to a life refining metals, and he began to experiment with other materials.

He discovered that wood had a lively nature,  and out of his belief that lines should smile and that objects should have life, blood and a heart and should make people want to pick them up, his wooden animals were born.

In addition to his animal collection, Bojesen also created beautiful housewares in wood, and his studio produced a number of bowls designed by Finn Juhl. His works are characterized by simplicity and clean lines.

In the 1950s his animals became so popular that the monkey was exhibited at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. In 1990 Rosendahl bought the rights to production, and they manufacture the animals today.

From and

Dog, 1934

Monkey, 1951

Bear, 1952

Elephant, 1953

Sea Parrot, 1954

Hippo, 1955

Rabbit, 1957
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Interlocking salad bowls


Serving trays


  1. Bojesen's "playfulness" is really palpable in his designs. Those animals are real cute, especially the hippo. Love the clever simplicity of the nutcracker and salad bowl.

    1. Bojesen reportedly had the hippo on his desk, holding a pencil in its mouth. Gotta love a man with a hippo :)

  2. Ohhhh, I love these!!! I have 3 Bojesen monkeys and 2 monkey knock-offs and they are some of my favorite little pieces in the house. A friend of mine found a hippo the other day. I was so JEALOUS! I've always loved his story... starting out as a silversmith and then venturing into wood. Those bowls would make me eat a salad every single day! We should all be so grateful for people who create and bring beauty into our lives. Enjoyed this, Dana.

    1. You're so right. Life would be such a drudge if people only designed pieces to be utilitarian, with no thought to beauty or fun.

  3. Love the picture of Mr. Bojesen. He looks as playful as his wooden creatures!

    1. That photo really conveys his personality, doesn't it?