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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Lewis Butler for Knoll

Though not as famous as some of the designers who worked for Knoll, Lewis Butler created some lovely pieces for the company, as evidenced by the pair of lounge chairs in our store.

The chairs are a true red, even though my photos look orange. (Why is it so difficult to photograph red?) The upholstery is new and beautifully done, even though, as far as we can tell, a modification has been made from the original chairs. Apparently at some time the walnut back of these chairs became unusable...or the previous owner preferred an upholstered back. Originally, they probably would have looked something like this, with two panels of walnut behind the back cushion. (Of course, I suppose it's possible that Knoll made a version with an upholstered back, but we can only find examples of the one with walnut backs.)

Butler lounge chairs with the original backs

The chairs in the store have wooden backs that have been fully upholstered, and the cushions are one continuous unit, rather than two loose ones.

Lewis Butler lounge chairs for Knoll
Upholstered back

Honestly, I think I like them just as well this way, if not better. There's something very sleek and finished about the way the seat and the back are joined.


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    1. They've only been on the floor a couple of days, so while he might negotiate a bit, I doubt he's willing to come down much on the price yet.

  2. Fun design and nice color! I am not familiar with them. I like them both ways.