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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Arne Vodder

Arne Vodder (1926-2009) was a Danish architect and furniture designer. He was trained by Finn Juhl, who later became a friend and a business partner.

In 1951 Vodder opened a studio with Anton Borg. They designed 1100 low-cost homes, which were a great success. He started designing furniture for Fritz Hansen, France & Son and Sibast. His work with those companies brought him worldwide recognition and success.

His designs were generally made of rosewood or teak and sometimes included colorful panels. Today he is most appreciated for his rosewood sideboards, which usually command high prices. They are characterized by drawer fronts designed so pulls are not necessary.

From and

Tall rosewood sideboard

Rosewood sideboard

Conference chairs

Lounge chair

Credenza with colored accents

Teak armchairs


  1. Oh my, the credenzas are amazing!!! Rosewood is so beautiful. And so are the chairs, both conference and arm chairs, so simple and elegant! Great feature, Dana!

    1. We're fortunate to have several beautiful Vodder pieces in the store right now. I'll feature them tomorrow.

  2. Credenza with colored accents. *I want I want I want* *lol*